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In the wake of changing environment, where the world is witnessing diverse socioeconomic challenges, the teacher and the taught are more affected than any other section of the society. The educationists must find ways to align themselves to new developments. The developing country like ours has to accept these challenges with new strategies and ideas that could be inculcated in students through conducive learning environment and using new methodologies in educational institutions.

These new learning tools and methodologies could be a bit of burden to pedagogy of those who do not want to switch to new modes of teaching easily. Although there is disparity in standard of education at societal level yet the gap can be filled by sincere efforts at institutional level. With the concept of target education to meet the needs of market we are all set to impart knowledge to our generation so that they could become a better citizen equipped with ample skills to serve the country and win their bread while accepting challenges in the fierce competition.

However one should not be oblivious to the aspect of moral upbringing of the new generation who is deeply involved in mechanized world of different gadgets like cell phones and computer. These technical aids are very helpful as for as their Educational purpose is concerned, but they also prove fatal when our youth is involved in them with some other purpose. Hence this technology may cast heavy price in the form of moral decadence and weakening of social relationship. The teacher is aware of this drastic change and he must check his students whether they are on the right track or mislead by the aura of the new technological attractions. A balanced must be created between the primary duty of a student and the worldly attractions.

But it is pertinent to mention that parents should also play their part in this regard. They must keep their vigilant eye open to observe their children and see if their children are not involved in useless activities and doing justice to their cause of education. An educational institution is responsible for all this as for as a child is in its premises, rest lies with parents as their child spends most of the time with them. So it’s joint venture of institution and parents to give best youth to the nation.

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