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Federal Minister for Education, Madad Ali Sindhi Visits IMCB, F-10/4 Today

It’s heartening to know that the Federal Minister for Education, National Harmony, and Youth Affairs, Madad Ali Sindhi, is actively involved in improving the quality of education in ICT educational institutions. His surprise visit to IMCB F-10/4 on September 25, 2023, during college hours shows his commitment to understanding the conditions and needs of students and the institution.

During his visit to the college premises, he emphasized the importance of maintaining the college lawns and washrooms to a high standard in order to provide hygienic and safe environment. He personally inspected the water coolers to ensure that students have access to cool and clean drinking water.

By visiting classrooms, the minister gained firsthand knowledge of the challenges and issues that students may be facing in their learning environments.

It’s commendable that the minister took the time to visit the college and interact with both students and staff. Such visits provide valuable insights and demonstrate a commitment to addressing the needs of educational institutions and students. Improving the quality of education is essential for the development and progress of any nation.

The Federal Minister for Education sitting in the Classroom with the college students
A student informing the Federal Minister about the serious issue of college transport
Federal Minister for Education, Madad Ali Sindhi Visits IMCB, F-10/4 Today
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