IMCB F-10/4

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Elementary Mathematics & Statistics

Course Contents

  1. a.   Introduction to Set Theory

b.  Types of Set

c.   Builder Notation Form/Roaster Form

d.   Basic Operations on Set (Union, Intersection)

  • Functions
  • Types of Function
  • a.   De Morgan’s Law
  • Distributive Law
  • Commutative Law
  • Associative Law
  • a.   Introduction to Number Theory
  • Real Number System
  • Complex Number System
  • a.   Linear Equations

b.   Single Variable Equations

c.    Multi Variable Equations

  • a.   Matrices

b.   Introduction to Matrices

c.   Types of Matrices

7.    a.  Matrix inverse

          b.  Determinant

  • a.   Quadratic Equations

b.   Solution of a Quadratic Equation

c.   Qualitative Analysis of Roots of a Quadratic Equation

  • a.   Equation Reducible to Quadratic Equation

b.   Cube Roots of Unity

c.   Relation between Roots & Coefficient of Quadratic Equations

  1. a    Sequence & Series
  2. Arithmetic Progression
  3. Geometric Progression
  4. Harmonic Progression
  5. a.  Trigonometry
  6. Fundamentals of Trigonometry
  7. Trigonometric Identities
  8. a.    Binomial Theorem
  9. Introduction to Mathematical Induction
  10. Binomial Theorem with Rational & Irrational Indices

13.   a.   Mean

          b.   Mode

          c.   Medium

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