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Islamic History and Culture

Course Description

This is a general introductory course about Islamic history and culture. It will necessarily entail frequent references to the rise of Islamic civilization, since the time of the Holy Prophet to the fall of Mughal Empire in the Subcontinent and the Ottoman Empire. Special emphasis may be given to Muslim contributions in the development of arts, crafts, sciences, medicine and particularly to the translations of Greco-Roman works of philosophy and literature; and how they contributed to the beginning of European Renaissance. 

Course Objectives

The course will focus on three aspects: the formative period of Islam; its medieval achievements; and its modern situation. Upon completion, students should be able to develop their own understanding of the Islamic history, culture and religion.

Course Contents

  • Introduction to History and the philosophy of history; why study history
  • Pre- Islamic period. Religious, political and social systems before Islam.
  • The Coming of Islam. Period of the Prophet (SAW).
  • Life at Makkah.
  • The Prophet (SAW) at Medina.
  • The Caliphate and the Four Rightly-guided Caliphs.
  • The Umayyad Caliphate
  • The Abbasid Period.
  • Umayyad Dynasty in Spain
  • Islam and Muslims in India
  • Definition of Culture in Islam.
  • Foundations of Islamic culture.
  • Islamic art, civilization and culture.
  • Science, technology, philosophy and administration.


Suggested Readings

  • Abdul Hakim Khalifa. Islamic Ideology.
  • Ali. Amir Syed. History of Sarsons
  • Hitti, Philip K. The History of the Arabs
  • Maududi. Syed Abul Ala. Why Islam?
  • Mazhar-ul-Haq. History of Islam
  • Nadvi. Abul Hassan. Pillars of Islam.
  • Nadvi. Moeenud Din. Tareekh-e-Islam
  • Nicholson. R. The History of the Arabs.
  • Pikthal. M. M. The Cultural Side of Islam.
  • Roy. M. N. Historical Role of Islam.
  • Safiur Rehman Mubarakpoori. Al- Raheeq al- Maqhtoom

Shustery, A. M. A. Outlines of Islamic Culture: historical and Cultural Aspects.

Islamic History and Culture
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