The academic year of the College starts in August every year. The students are required to pay their tuition fee and other dues according to the schedule notified by the College Administration.

Fee Concessions / Stipend

  1. At the commencement of the academic session, college will invite applications on a prescribed form.
  2. Half fee concession shall be granted to deserving students of the college on academic performance and attendance.
  3. If two or more brothers/sisters are studying in the colleges the younger one will be granted half fee concession on request.
  4. The college awards a number of stipends to deserving students out of Mutual Help Fund, established for this purpose. The
    amount for each stipend is fixed by the Principal according to the need of the applicant on the recommendation of the
  5. All concessions are for fixed period subject to the attendance, academic performance and conduct of the student.
  6. Fee concessions shall be withdrawn in case of misconduct, irregularity in attendance or poor academic performance.
  7. MORA scholarship/any other financial assistance would be subject to educational performance, required percentage of
    attendance and general conduct of the student.

Fee for Foreign Students

The fee will be determined by the Capital Administration & Development Division, Islamabad.